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Greenstone is Open Source Software, and we encourage developers from the community to contribute. Check out the developer guide on the wiki.

There is a good raft of tools available to community developers for communication, bug-tracking and support.

The greenstone source code is kept under version control in our subversion repository.

Latest commit

r39206 by anupama @ 9.24 pm, 18th July
Implementing Greenstone preview/browser automated tests (using selenium) by means of new class, that contains the tests for each tutorial. Generally the matching tutorial test method will be called, passing in the preview/test number for the nth preview being checked, and optional params. Added utility functions to Sam's useful beginnings in GSTestingUtil. And, the main testing class, has been modified to pass Runnable objects to createBuildPreviewCycle and quickFormatPreviewCycle() to run the matching preview test method in for each (nth) preview. So far, SimpleHTML preview/browser (selenium) solitary test implemented, and the first 3 preview tests of the backdrop (images) collection also implemented of which the first 2 tests were the same.

Nightly Builds and Regression Test Results

See here.

Helpful Tools

YourKit is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. We make use of it to improve the execution speed of Greenstone3. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products: Java profiler and .NET profiler.